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We contact OneShot ExPress several times explained the situation to getting a auto shipped from one state to another. All we have gotten were broken promises.

But they did take our deposit with any broken words or promises. Here is is day 4 after our scheduled pick up time and we are still waiting on a coutsey call to explain the delay. Whenyou call the sales area you get right through. When you contact the service area you get placed on terminal hold and then you are disconnected or sent to a voicemail box that is NOT accepting any voicemails.

Common coutsey is to contact your clients to assure them that your word is what you say it is. This is just alot of emply promises and a good sales pitch to get the consumers money. A young man took his savings to have his auto sent to him while he is in tech school serving his country. What a shame.

I will be writing Florida business licensing division.

OneShot Express is NOT the company you go too to get something moved only if you want lip service...that they are very good at!

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first they quoted me a price of $1075. Then they said they had a carrier ready to pick it up but he wanted $1200.

I said okay and they ask for a credit card which they wouldn't charge until they confirmed the pick up date and driver the following day.

They charged my card immediately and it's been five days and I never heard from them. I am going to cancel the charge and find another broker that does more than take deposits with a little *** thrown in.


When sending a car across the country I don't want to worry about anything, and I need to have a clear understanding of how the system works. One shot Express did this for me, they clearly explained how they and the industry operates.

Gave a fast quote and a faster service. I was able to know where the car was, and when I would pick it up.

Their timing was impeccable, as their service (they always answered phones and emails!!), Plus they even called me to see if I was satisfied!!. definitely recommend them.

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