A number of transport companies gave quotes for transporting a vehicle, from Syracuse NY. to Melville NY.

One way transport(305 miles). The lowest price was $350. There was a set 3 day span for pick-up and delivery. (Transport company, myself and the motorcycle dealer) All agreed to the specific times and dates.

The transport company asked for $140. deposit to secure the transaction. One day before the pick-up of the vehicle, the transporter was called to confirm the Saturday pick-up. Everything this company promised never materialized.

There never was any confirmed pick-up by any driver, which they claimed was on his way to complete the transport. The companies name is - (1 Shot Express Transpot) - Miramar Florida.

I called other Transport companies and they said nobody would ever transport that vehicle for that price. They also replied to Never give a deposit to any company, unless the automobile is on the truck.

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Please keep in mind these complaints are aimed at one shot express and not 1 shot express. There's an auto transport broker out there (and you will find out who) using "one shot express" domain to confuse customers and send the bad reviews to us.

All you have to do is look them up and you will find out. Thank you.


8) Cool as a cucumber these guys know their work. If it wasn't for Carlos I would still be looking at my car "in the wrong driveway" Thanks Carlos.


This company promises peace of mind when you move your vehicle and I'm glad they called me first because that is just what happened. True professionals and an excellent experience.


Why is this guy posting anonymous? Yes, the main post.

Could it be you are a competitor wanna be and this is the best you can come up with. Go to work dude or did one shot took your business while you are eating *** with this thing.

This is not even a serious site guy, get a life. lol or :cry


I was contacted by 1 shot before anyone else, that is just a fact and shows they up earlier than the rest, they told me about the competition and sure enough after I booked I got calls from shady characters that could not even talk correctly. I asked myself why are these people calling after I got my order and did not call me before and I realized they are work at home companies that have don't know what they are doing and must see these results on the internet as they chance for survival. I would not doubt that must of these reviews come from cheap competitors, I mean anyone can post here.


When sending a car across the country I don't want to worry about anything, and I need to have a clear understanding of how the system works. One shot Express did this for me, they clearly explained how they and the industry operates. Gave a fast quote and a faster service. I was able to know where the car was, and when I would pick it up. Their timing was impeccable, as their service (they always answered phones and emails!!), Plus they even called me to see if I was satisfied!!. definitely recommend them.

I have to defend them, this can't be the same company....



I agree with other posts here. NEVER USE THESE PEOPLE!

They tell you what you want to hear, get the deposit (although they claim deposit will only come out when your vehicle is picked up) then they do not get your vehicle and it is never delivered, making you get other arrangements. In my case I had to fly to New York to pick up my vehicle and drive it home myself which still proved much cheaper than using a shipping company.

They will not refund my deposit because they say they provided the service of finding a driver, which they did not. They lied to me, plain and simple.


I can't be the same company. This people are the best.

They tell you exactly what's going to happen and how much.

You pay your deposit ahead but their policy is if they don't move the car you get your money back, It happened to my friend who recommended me. I,m sure you guys did something wrong to first.


I hired this company to ship my car and was told I had to make a $150 deposit immediately for them to find me a driver. I was promised that they had a driver and would pick my car up on one of two days.

The second day arrived and I heard nothing about my car being picked up. I spoke to the dispatcher and he assured me a driver had been found and they were waiting for paper work that evening. The next I still heard nothing about my car being picked up. I made several phone calls and emails to inquire and did not have my calls returned.

So I then left two voice messages and sent two emails to Toni requesting that my request for a car pick up be cancelled and refund of my deposit issued. I never received a return call or email. Each time I called trying to speak to a manager or accounting I was given the run around by the receptionist. A week later I still have not received a refund.

They are claiming they sent out a driver and thus need to charge me. I stated that I cancelled my service with them in the morning on Friday March 25th Th and have two emails proving as such. It was Friday evening after I cancelled my service that they send me an invoice to have my car picked up. I again respond with emails and phone calls that I had already cancelled my service.

NO RESPONSE. They even had a driver call me the following Monday and I told him I had made other arrangements.

He never came to the location to pick up my car as one shot express is claiming. They lie and they remove all negative comments that get posted on www.transportreviews.com.


please never use this company they are terrible and they will not pick up your vehicle they took $200 deposit, up to now they have not return a call or came and pick the truck up, be aware Fraudulent Fraudulent Fraudulent Fraudulent Fraudulent Fraudulent



please never use this company they are terrible and they will not pick up your vehicle they took $200 deposit, up to now they have not return a call or came and pick the truck up, be aware Fraudulent Fraudulent Fraudulent Fraudulent Fraudulent Fraudulent :(


what a TERRIBLE company one-shot is! they should call it 55-shots beacause thats how many calls it takes for them to actually pick up your car (even days later than promised)!! i would never recommend this company, very unreliable and they will not hesitate to leave your car stranded.

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